Fine Arts

Participating in the arts enriches the lives of our students. At Vista Highlands School, we offer experiences in visual arts, music, and theatre. These opportunities give students a chance to explore their interests and maximize their creativity.
At Vista Highlands School, both in our core classes, and in the arts, our students are taught to appreciate the process and not just the product of their thinking, assignments, and projects. We encourage creativity. Our Arts Department classes are a unique place to nurture this skill.
Creativity is the ability to innovate, invent, and solve problems. Classes such as theatre, music, and visual arts are an opportune time for students to experiment with invention and ask themselves, “How can this be better?” The creative process allows our prep school students a chance to problem-solve and make decisions about their work. In all arts classes, students interpret, criticize, and use information to make choices. We teach students skills that colleges and employers look for in their applicants. They want people who are able to think openly, who know what to do without directions, and who can look at challenges in new and innovative ways. As a top college preparatory school in Reno, Nevada, Vista Highlands teaches these creative skills that prepare students as they continue their education at a university or college and someday into a career.
Students’ attention today is greatly fragmented by media influences and the temptations of consumption. It is oftentimes easier to consume something than it is to produce something. Participation in arts classes, shows, concerts, and productions teach students to be mindful, creative, and connected with those around them.

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