Science Department

The science program at Vista Highlands is designed to meet the needs of all students whether they plan to enter the work force or to enter college upon graduation. In the latest publication addressing the focus on the high school curriculum states, "Though only three courses are required for graduation, the Department of Education recommends four courses because students need the foundational skills of physical science to be successful in all other science courses."(p.7)Referring to this publication, many state supported colleges and universities also require three units of laboratory science to be selected from biology, chemistry, physics or a laboratory science for which biology and/or chemistry is a prerequisite (p.8).Furthermore, the most recent State Regulation R43-234 as of fall 2004 from the State Department of Education cites that starting with the freshman class of 2005-2006,all students will complete physical science by the end of the 10th grade. An end-of-course examination in physical science and biology (counts 20%of the final grade) is required. Additionally, the HSAP will contain a science subtest within the next five years. Students should develop a four-year course of study plan to include the science courses which address their interests, motivation and preparation; therefore, the science department offers variations of traditional high school science courses.

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